Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Dave's Baggage Train Carrying Case

So I've been in the market for a transport/storage solution for my By Fire and Sword figures, and came across Dave's Baggage Train at Fall-In. I store most of my armies in foam, and it works great for FoW, 40k, DZC, etc. But BFAS figures have tons of pikes and lances and other long bits that stick straight up, and it felt like a waste to buy such deep foam trays.

Nothing fancy here, just a simple carrying case made of readily available materials, but it was nice to get it all in one spot and preconstructed.

You get a simple tray. I got four 3-inch deep trays. They're made of wood or plastic (or possibly both).

Complete with a Made in China sticker!

Popsicle stick pieces are glued on the bottom to make them relatively secure and stack-able.  The folks at DBT glued in a flex-steel insert on the spot, and I picked up some flex-magnet sheets at the vendor next door (although DBT sells them as well, I just didn't know it at the time!)

I was able to store them in squads so they're ready to pull out and play, but I could pack a lot more in if I put them all base to base.

I glued the flex-magnet to the bottom of my wooden litko bases. They are self adhesive, but I added super glue for longevity.

Another option I considered was the reverse. BFAS figures come with steel bases, and if you base on them, you could put the magnet sheet on the bottom of the tray and save yourself a step. However, I prefer the thick wooden Litko bases over just basing on steel for ease of figure-picking-up. I suppose I could have glued the steel base to the bottom of the wooden base as well.

The bond is strong enough that you can hold the tray upside down, even with the extremely heavy, multiple figures per base BFAS figures.


The stack up pretty well, and I added a topper lid on to go on the top trap.

And to completed the purchase, I snagged a soft bag to carry them all in. It's got a shoulder strap and two nice side pockets for accessories.

All in all, I'm really happy with this purchase. Highly recommended - you can visit their website, or catch them at any of the HMGS conventions.

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