Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back From Fall-In

Back from Fall-In. Went up just for two nights. Played a FoW doubles on Friday. Joe and I took KG Hummel - 10 trained Tigers and a plane. We went 2-1, and came in fifth (we think) out of 40ish. Ironically the matchup 10 trained Tigers lost to was Crocs. Go figure.

10 Tigers and a plane

Some random awesome looking board

Another almost as awesome board
 The only other real set of pictures I took was the All is Quiet on the Martian Front board. It was pretty sweet looking. I passed on this kickstarter, but after seeing the models in person at HCon and now FallIn, I think I'll have to pick some up.

On Saturday I played in a Bolt Action tournament. I took my Polish AK partisan list. I came in third I think, out of, I dunno 12-16 maybe? I dunno, BA still kinda bothers me, but I'll continue playing it. In fact, intend on starting an Italian army in an upcoming league.
Also they had these cool Fanticide birds.
 I bought A TON. Far more than I expected to. Picked up a Pike and Shotte Battlia starter box for $40 (goes for about $100), two Deep Wars starters for $10 total (goes for about $50 each), a 28mm Italian M13/40, five boxes of BFAS figs (lots of Polish Cossacks, some Winged Hussars, and some Swedish Reiters), and a Dave's Baggage Train case for my BFAS figures, along with all the magnets to store them in it. And I'm sure some other random stuff I forgot about.

Next on my project table? Painting up some Easy Eights and the last of Gordon's Hungarians, then will probably move to AIW stuff.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Cool pics too, some nice looking terrain there.