Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Horses, Horses, Horses, and Not Horses...

I guess you could say I like painting horses. I did grow up on a horse farm. Maybe that has something to do with it...

EDIT: You know, I always find things wrong when I post up pictures. Blowing the pictures up to the size shown on the blog really brings some things out that I totally did not see early. It appears on some of the 15s, static grass and flock had gotten on to the figures before varnishing, so now I get to work on remove that...hooray!

First up we have some Polish Lancers. These are the Forged in Battle models. Some folks may remember that I already have (had) an EW Polish Lancer Army. Well, I sold that at the last swap meet because I couldn't stand the fact that the arms were separate pieces and kept breaking off. So here's to round two!

 Next up, we have some....more Polish Lancers. These are 28mm scale Bolt Action models. This brings my BA Lancer squad up to six, so I can finally use them in a game.

 Last on the equine front, we have some random By Fire and Sword command stands. These are the Danish leaders, which I got free in the Kickstarter. I'm not really sure what purpose I'll use them for - probably just extra Polish command stands.

And for some not horses...here's a WIP preview of my next project...

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  1. Looking good, Scott. Bad camera angle on the first Danish leader shot. Looks like the General is hitting the bugler over the head! Maybe he is?

    Great stuff.