Monday, August 26, 2013

Photodump: Cohorts Bolt Action Tournament

On Sunday, Gordon, John, John, and I went up to Allentown for a quick little Bolt Action tournament at "Cohorts"

Entrance to the convention. Are we at the right place?
My Polish
Round one I played against Stephan. We played Demolition. Stephan played Americans - a mix of veterans and regulars, a combat engineer platoon with a flamer in a truck, a Stuart, and a Greyhound. It was a good first game because he helped ease me back in to the BA rules and how to use the combat points system (that he wrote).
I held my own for a while, but eventually an armored car outflanked and drove on to an objective, and despite having two squads on the objective, that's a loss apparently.

Cavalry deploying on the far flank

Two squads of American boots on the hill

Tankettes cautiously peering over the slope

US boots hiding in the brush

Polish boots advance up to the hill

Horses charge up, wipe a squad, and consolidate back on the far side

Medium howitzer direct blasts a squad of Polish boots

Light mortar moves up and starts taking pot shots

Tankettes pushing the advance

Light mortar keeps on chugging

Americans coming out of the woodworks

My "armored spearhead"

A truck outflanks behind the objective

We dealt with the truck full of flaming engineers, but the armored car takes the win

Round two I played against Matt. Matt was playing his new Americans. He had a Chaffee, a Greyhound, three squads of airborne, a forward arty observer, and some random bits and bobs. We played Hold until relieved. We both had some pretty bad rolls, but he took the cake with rolling a one on his arty observers. Game ended up as a draw.

This is the "Bob" table. Do you see it?

Cavalry taking the right flank this game

Infantry moving up under cover of the fearsome Tankette

Tankette moisey'in up on the shoreline

Well, the cav were in a good position to assault. Then they took a Chaffee shot to the knee.

Light mortar mortar'n.

Can we dig foxholes in a river?

Yay artillery backfire

MVP Tankette - even with a pin she takes out the Chaffee

My little command assault squad moving in to position

The end of the game.

Round three I played against Dean. Dean was playing SS with cavalry of his own, in addition to three squads, a Pak 38, an air observer "sniper nest", and a PZ3. Scenario was maximum attrition with the addition of two "combat objectives". Resulted in a Polish victory. Dean was an absolute hoot to play against - 11/10 would play again.

In this game, the cavalry started in the back right corner and ended up in the far left corner at the end of the game. Such mobility.

Sexy sniper chick takes out an MMG on turn one

Tankette tank'n

We're supposed to charge tanks, right?

After the game, we had a cavalry party in the river.

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  1. I'm quite enjoying these recaps, thanks for all the good coverage. I quite envy the robust tourney scene you guys seem to have going.