Sunday, August 4, 2013

More UCM Reinforcements - The Air Cav

With the GenCon DZC tournament around the corner, I've been painting up some bits and bobs for my UCM. 

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to take to GenCon. I have a vision of an entire airmobile cav force, but the requirement of the Kodiak and three Sabres kinda kills that for me. And I feel like if I'm forced to take those four ground vehicles, I may as well take a fridge, right?

The fridge.
 The UCM Ferrum Drone Base has caused a bit of speculation amoung DZC players. A lot of folks say it's a bit too strong. I haven't played it myself, except for an early version at Templecon.

 I'm starting to gravitate towards light transports for my infantry where possible. The Praetorian Snipers can squeeze three stands into a Raven light dropship, instead of the regular two.

Two squads of Snipers and one squad of elite Praetorians.

The Praetorians are the "elitist" of the UCM boots, thus they clearly get a sleek, black transport.
My idea with a mostly airmobile force is to have Falcons do the heavy anti-tank work. They actually have one of the strongest AT guns for UCM, but they are squishy, one-wound gunships. They did recently get a point drop though!


  1. Liking the concept. Loving this game more and more and cant wait to get my PHR on the table.

  2. Can't wait to get my Starter set, I love these models.

    1. Awesome. Holding out for the 2p starter set or order a UCM starter?