Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cygnar Trenchers Complete

So I finished these trenchers a while ago actually, but never took them off of the dullcote table.

I really should start basing all these Cygnar, but have 1) no idea on a basing scheme I want to use and 2) no desire to continue working on Cygnar.

My intention was to use the below figures for In Her Majesty's Name... a mix of trenchers, gun mages, cavalry, and a caster or two. But, the rules didn't really jump out at me as something amazing, not to mention I've already lost the rulebook. I'll probably get around to trying it out eventually as a lot of local folks have up armies for it.

So what's up next? I finished off another four helos for FoW Vietnam. Just four more slicks and nine stands of boots and my U.S. army will be done.

WWPD Overlord starts up this week. While I don't really like any of the Normandy lists for the armies I play, I'll dig em out over the next month or so to get some games in for that.

Last, but not least, By Fire and Sword should be arriving soon. Hopefully this week, but we'll see. I paid to have my kickstarter shipping split up to hopefully get some stuff earlier than August. Fingers crossed!

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