Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photo Dump: Huzzah 1780 LW Tournament

This past Saturday, we had a 1780 open LW tournament at Huzzah. We had 20 people show up, 10 axis and 10 allies. Overall I think everyone had fun. Lots of good games, lots of good people, and too many doughnuts.
Look at these happy people

Room #1

Room #2

Final standings were as follows:
  1. Bob E. (Canadian boots)
  2. Steve M. (Germans - Choo choo)
  3. Bill D. (German boots)
  4. Sean S. (German mech)
  5. John D. (US boots)
  6. Eric L. (German tanks)
  7. Ben G. (Brit mech)
  8. Chuck L. (German boots)
  9. Paul B. (German tanks)
  10. Ed L. (Brit armor)
  11. Chris J. (Brit mech)
  12. Luke M. (US tanks)
  13. Luke W. (German boots)
  14. Paul L. (something allied - didn't record)
  15. John S. (German tanks)
  16. Tim G. (German boots)
  17. Aaron M. (US boots)
  18. Alex P. (Hungarian tanks)
  19. Chuck C. (Soviet boots)
  20. John C. (US boots)
The rest of the following is just random pics from the event. Thanks to everyone that came out!

PS: I'm running two more tournaments at NOVA Open on Labor Day weekend. If you liked the above, come on out!