Friday, June 21, 2013

Catch-Up Post - Mostly FoW Vietnam

Been fairly busy the past few weeks with work. Actually had to work FOUR days this week - the HORROR. (Don't worry, I've taken a week off to recuperate!)

Painted up four helos for my US Vietnam Air Cav.

Group shot


Got a request from a local cat to borrow three universal carriers for the Huzzah tournament this weekend. Didn't have any painted, but did have about 20 sitting assembled on a shelf from a project long forgotten. Speed painted these up in 40 minutes Friday morning. 

And some early WIP shots of the new Battlefront ACAVs (very nice kit!) and some Pattons.

And last but not least, some pics from some Vietnam games I've been playing with Chris. I'm loving FoW 'Nam - maybe it's just the new game syndrome, but I'm hooked. These pics were from a Tunnel Rats game. Chris was playing Anzak tanks.

Ambush pops under the Cobra

Loach moves up for spot for off-board arty

Resistance Team moving up to move an objective away from the ACAV!

Wherever you go, I shall follow!

BOOM - Centurion down to rocket fire.

And more rockets blow an ACAV

Still chasing the Loach

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