Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Cygnar Test Models - The Green Tone

My second batch of Cygnar test models done. This is a pretty much all metallic scheme for the warjacks, and earth tones focusing on green on the boots. This allows me to use the Army Painter Strong Tone on the figures, which I'm a huge fan of (better than most of my washes, provides a great hardening varnish, and soaks into the crevices of joints and reinforces them).

I think this is the scheme I'm going to go with. As a bonus, it almost matches my Circle too, for any crazy Hordes+Warmachine games I might play where I can use both. My only complaint is the base color on the jacks (PP Molten Bronze) is a bit lighter than I'd like. I used a similar metallic with my Skaven back in the day with GW Tin Bitz, which I really liked, but there's no good-covering similar colors out there I'm aware of.

1 comment:

  1. I like them. I think that the flesh tone is a bit close in color to the bronze. I would brighten the flesh tone to differentiate the colors. Other wise they look great.