Saturday, April 13, 2013

Huzzah Hobbies 1500 Market Garden Tournament Photo Dump

Thanks to Bill and the boys for running another damn fine event. I took British Paras - 2 platoons of boots, a big blob of engineers, 4x 6pdrs and 8x 75mm pack howitzers. My usual. I did alright, winning two and losing one. I didn't take too many pictures today - I was super tired.

Of special note in this event, the boards had a bit less terrain than usual for an I-95 event. This allowed my arty to have more fun than usual (although not as much fun as Bens!)

 Round One I defended against Chris in Breakthrough. Chris brought a Tiger 2 list. I won 6-1.


Some boots and an 88 moving up

Some paras rushing to the objective

Deployment in the opposite corner

Tiger on the prowl

Pack howitzers moving on up

The engineer blob gets to the objective

The 75s rain down death

Two Tigers show up in reservers

 Round two I attacked Luke in No Retreat. Luke was playing trained Panthers. Luke smacked me up 1-6.

Luke is so speedy and sneaky he blurs in the camera
Panther deployment

A wall of paras
  Uh yea. so that's all the pictures I took of that game. I was too busy being bent over the table. In round three I played Chuck in FFA. Chuck was playing the trained tiger list with vet infantry support. I eeked out a 5-2 win.

Chuck is super excited to be posing next to the DZC poster, he just dosnt know it yet.

His boots starting back in the woods

This was a pretty successful assault I got off mid-game.

Ok, so the rest of the pictures were just other people's random games. I got a lot more of them than I did my own.

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