Friday, April 19, 2013

Bolt Action Polish Black Brigade : Army Shots and Pics From Two Games

Finished off my BA Polish Black Brigade army a bit ago. Boots from Gorgon Studios (Sorry, they're sold out. I assume that's "my bad") and the Tankettes are Warlord.

So the list I have consists of two mirrored reinforced platoons, each with a 3-man command squad, two 10-man vet rifle squads, an ATR, and a Tankette with a light autocannon. There's no list out for the Polish yet, but most of this is in other books. 13-point vet rifles (form any book), 39-point vet ATRs (from Soviets), and the Tankettes I guesstimated around 110 points based on the German 222 (dropping open-topped and losing the flak MMG). 

I played two games yesterday, both against Americans. First I played against Al. His list consisted of a lot of regular boots and no vehicles, with one large engineer blob+flamethrower, air support, and quite a few small teams (zooks, snipers, etc). We played Demolition. While neither of us destroyed the opposing objective, in terms of stuff killed, I think he pretty handedly won.

Boots deploy on the objective.
Tankette moves up and takes shots on the HMG in a building
Boots run forward

Boots take some long range shots at guys on the other end

First round of US air support puts out lots of pins on my left flank, but "only" kills 3 guys.

The second round puts out even more pins, and kills four.

Some outflanking boots arrive on the flat flank

ATR team outflanks and does a suicide charge on some infantry. (We later learned that they can't assault the turn they arrive). It was a suicide move, and I died in defensive fire, but I figured they would just get shot up and die anyway, so...

This is all I had left defending my objective at the end
Later in the evening, I played Gordon. He also played US, but an airborne list with mostly Vets, an armored car, and a Chaffee. We played the mission where I was attacking and he had three objectives to defend. I almost took one, but lost it in the end. Although in terms of things killed, it was much closer than my first game.

In my second game I played Gordon. (Also, my first game was against Al, on the left)

ATRs taking "hail mary" shots needed 6+6s on the armor car.

Tankette also taking hail marys on the armored car. It actually managed to score some pins.

Some outflanking boots wipe half of a 6-man para SMG squad.

These boots took a charge, and managed to wipe out a 6-man para squad.

View from the other side.


  1. Very nice looking minis, and great pictures!

  2. Very nice Polish Black Brigade :).
    I play FOW, but in future maybe BA.