Sunday, February 14, 2016

BFAS: Russians vs Swedes Division Game

Alex, Joe Moore, Sean, Ben, and I got together this weekend for a giant BFAS game. We played a 57ish FSP division level game, comprised of Swedes vs a Russian Conglomerate (with Cossack and Polish allies).

Swedish Reiters deploy on a far flank for an obvious flanking maneuver

The rest of the Reiters deploy in the middle left battleline

The Swedish outflankers are matched against the Polish crammed into a far flank. 

Cossack Wagon Train stretches across the Russian midfield

Musocovite dragoons covering the far left Russian flank

The Swedish Reiters advance slowly forward

The outflanking Reiters make a sharp turn towards the Russian lines

Cossacks and Muscovites advance towards the village and the hill

Several rounds of Swedish artillery fire weapon the Russian lines

Swedish Reiters rounding the woods while the Scottsmen set up on the treeline edge

Muscovites pushing the far left flank

Aerial shot of the battlefield at the end of turn...2 or 3?

The flanking Reiters and Polish lines collide resulting in some massive and strange close combat lines

While the left midfield sees Reiters crashing into the dragoons

Far left flank advancing cautiously from both sides

The Cossacks attempt to dislodge the Swedish dragoons from the village

Push and tug on both sides of the Reiter vs Polish battleline

The Musocovite lines thin as the Swedes crash into them

Cossacks keep pouring into the village, but bounding off of the Swedish dragoons

Swedes continue to push into Moscovite territory

It's a bad day then the Hussar banners are running away

Cossacks give up on the assault and just continue to pour firepower into the buildings, supported by some Muscovite on the left
We ended up calling the game there...both Russian flanks collapsed, although the Dragoon regiment broke and fled from the village.

The 57 points was probably a bit too high for our first divisional endevour, especially with such a hordy-infantry heavy Russian force. But nonetheless, I think we all had a great time, and look forward to a chance to play it again sometime soon!

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