Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Help Identify These Infinity Models

Came into a large assembled, bare metal Infinity collection. I think they are all Haqqislam. Some figures I was able to identify from the webstore, but these ellude me. I'll be posting this "article" around the internet trying to get these identified, and will update captions as I get more info.

These guys I assume are all the same thing because of the backpacks all being the same...some kind of jump infantry? Looks like the two on the right have rifles and the one on the left.....grenade launcher?

What is that a pistol she's going for? (Rifle on the back)

no clue

no clue...also unique weapon

no clue....heavy flamer?

no clue....grenade launcher?

no clue...assuming both are the same due to helmet...also they both have a thing on their back...what is that?

no clue

no clue...heavy flamer?

no clue and why does it have a sword

no clue

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