Wednesday, November 25, 2015

By Fire and Sword: Cossack Moloitsy

Finished up a pile of Cossack Moloitsy. They are pretty much the crappy Cossack infantry, but the army will never turn down some guys with guns, and a couple banners are required choices in BFAS anyway. Added to the 8 stands I have done, this gives me 24 stands of them.

Also got a chance to get in a lot of gaming this evening. Played a game of DZC with Luis - 1500 pts Shaltari vs his Scourge.

And two 1500 Kings of War games with my newly completed wood elves. I'm not sure the green lady is worth it...200 points of a model with no attack is kinda meh...

I usually play Skaven so im glad I got a chance to play against them for once (or twice!)

Afterwards, we also picked up the new FFG Warhammer Quest was a blast for a quick fun little dungeon crawler. Expect a review up on WWPD soon.

Next on my painting table is a few more odds and ends for the Cossacks (mainly command stands), finishing touches on some wood elf cavalry and microarmor Polish, and then I expect to dive into a huge DZC terrain project, until Tail Feathers arrives....

Happy Thanksgiving.

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