Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kings of War: The Green Lady + Wood Elf Army Shots

Finished off the core of my Wood Elf/Dryad army for Kings of War. 

Pretty simple list going heavy into the tree theme:
  • Three hordes of Dryads (Forest Shamblers)
  • Three Tree Herders
  • The Green Lady
  • The Green Lady's Retinue of Wild Guard
Using only two of the three Tree Herders brings the list to 1500 even with no magic items.

The Green Lady, or the $70 elf as I call her, is the most recent addition. Long story on her, but basically I had no idea she was so expensive, but after the local shop ordered it and I learned the price, I felt like I couldn't stuff the shop with it, so I picked it up anyway. My mistake. Ended up being about $60, plus $10 of tungsten to weigh the super top-heavy model's base down.

Of course there will be more Wood Elves...actual elves as well. I scored some archers really cheap at Fall-In and they are on my table currently, as well as a pack of the new plastic Wild Riders. I also am eyeing that kickstarter for the bear cavalry and stagriders, and will likely try to incorporate them as well. My next Kings of War project after that will be working on my Kingdoms of Men - which are based off my Pike and Shot stuff, but also might expand into some Game of Thrones armies....

Also hope to work on some BFAS soon too, and maybe tie up some lose ends with the DZC Scourge....and while it's a HORRIBLE game, some Dystopian Wars models are calling my name too....

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