Monday, September 28, 2015

Kings of War: Forest Shambers

First unit of Kings of War Dryads Forest Shamblers complete. This was a test run to see if I could do the whole foliage thing...I'm pretty happy with it so I'll finish up the rest soon.

Figures are all on one base with the footprint for a "Horde" sized unit in Kings of War. Total of 12 models on the base. An actual KoW Forest Shamblers unit would have 6 models, but they'd be about 25% larger, so I think this gives a good approximation, and I get to use GW's gorgeous dryad models.


  1. Nice job! What size base is that?

  2. Hey, they are 120x80mm....rather than individual bases, it's the footprint for a Kings of War "Horde" for "Large Infantry"

  3. Nicely done. I use my GW Dryads as Hunters of the Wild in KoW and my GW Treemen as KoW Forest Shamblers.