Sunday, September 20, 2015

DZC Shaltari - Ronin and Samurai

Some Shaltari Ronin and Samurai. These guys are basically Shaltari in giant described in the story, the "step" between standard warsuits and promotion to the larger walkers.

The Samurai have a CC E10 attack, and a two shot E5 flamer! Nasty! But they are really expensive for a 1 wound, effectively countermeasureless, armor 5 model.

The Ronin have a short ranged E9 shot and are about 20% cheaper in points costs...but no flamer :(

Scale shots with some infantry and a walker. Really show how massive these guys are. Well, massive in comparison.

I'm a little worried that they are all pewter with a pewter base...I'm worried the paint will easily chip...especially with the....lack of care...I transport my figures with. Time will tell.


  1. I was looking at the Shaltari Ronin for a 15mm sci fi force. I have trouble telling what the sizing is though. Could you tell me what the height is? Many thanks.

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