Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dropzone Commander: PHR Infantry Reinforcements

Some more random DZC stuff. Another Kraken for my Resistance...bringing my total up to three. While I have a TON of Resistance, I am short on Krakens...really should get a 4th.

PHR Valkyries - kind of a scout jumpjet infantry unit. Not super good anything, but very mobile. I don't like that they have propulsion effects coming from the jetpacks...but what can you do.

And a PHR Medusa. This chick is super strong at the moment, and probably should have two ready to go, but just going for one now, because again, I'm not sold on the model...and I expect she'll be toned down a bit as well. Her transport is on the painting table along with two more Type 4 chasis (lol...) and a 4th Neptune, but my PHR painting process for vehicles takes forever waiting for paint coats to dry.

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