Thursday, January 9, 2014

Warmaster: Undead Starter Box

2014 has brought me a sudden interest in Warmaster. I've always prefered high-fantasy for a gaming genre, but WFB has always had it's issues. Going to give Warmaster a shot and see how it is. I've got four or five folks locally that might be interested, so we'll see what happens.

In Q42013, I picked up an undead starter box and the equivalent of a starter box in Kislev blisters. The undead were super easy to paint up - done it about 6 hours. It's 10mm scale, the same scale as Dropzone Commander, but I think some folks will be playing it in 15s as well.

I also assembled my BFAS Winged Hussars. This is the first time I've ever decided to paint figures on nailheads before putting them on the base. My main reasoning here was I plan to do the horses white, so I'm going to paint the "stuff", dip them as usual, and then go back and paint the horses at the end in white. Wish me luck.

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