Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flames of War: Bersaglieri Reinforcements and a Look at My Hobby Room

Some quick Bersaglieri reinforcements for my Flames of War Italians. Some more light ATGs will let me field two full MW Bersaglieri platoons, and I added a mortar platoon.

Here's a random shot of where I do all my...well...everything. Assembling, painting, video games, work from home, etc. It all happens on my desk which is starting to get very cluttered...

  Here's my light booth where I take my photos. It is surrounded by unloved painted miniatures - minis that I've painted up, taken pictures of, and now have no place to store them. Part of me wants to get more glass cabinets to store minis in, but that's super inconvenient when I take them out to the, I should probably get more foam trays.

Working on my BFAS Winged Hussars right now. First time I've painted on nailheads before basing. I hate it. Only doing it because of the planned white horses. Also these lances snap off if you look at them funny.

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