Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bolt Action: Accidental Americans

I impulse bought the US Armored Fist box set, originally wanted to replicate the FoW Armored Rifle Platoon for Bolt Action. Of course, after purchasing said box set, I learned that I really can't do that within BA's least not under say 2000 pts. Oh well. May as well still paint them up.

This box set was speed painted. I painted up the 30 infantryman in a few hours (0630-1000 to be exact) during a snowstorm, and assembled the three half tracks and got paint on them this afternoon.

 They're pretty basic. No eyes or shoulder patches or anything special. Just some guys with rifles. And a lot of bazookas. Cause why not.

 The halftracks still need some lovin' - decals, weathering, and dullcote.

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