Monday, May 30, 2016

More Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Figures

Finished up all the acolytes and bird dudes. Also included the two Skaven I forgot to photograph earlier (they were in a separate room being used in Mordheim!)

Still have two more characters, two bosses, and the 8 familiars left to do, although I don't really have any motivation to finish them up...I'm not excited about any of those figures.


  1. You're doing a nice job. Sorry you aren't excited. I really like the figures. Have some Antares to do this week but Silver Tower next.

    1. I ordered some x-launchers to expand my Concord front. I enjoyed all of the WH figures until this last batch. Just something about these specific last couple figures I don't enjoy, but I'm plugging through...hope to have them all finished by Thursday night