Monday, May 2, 2016

Blucher: Guard Infantry, Guard Cavalry, and Cuirassiers

Over a month since my last post! I've been slacking! Over the past couple weeks, I did get 10 more Blucher units done. They're quick to paint up when I decide to sit down and work on them, but I haven't had a ton of painting desire recently.

Up first are four stands of Guard Infantry.

Then I did six stands of Cuirassiers. Four will be used as Heavy Cav in the list, and two stands will be Guard Cav.

Morale of 7 on the Cuirassiers and 8 on the Guard Cav!

Most of my painting time has seeped away...I have plenty of time still, but I've been spending that time playing video games (Starcraft and Diablo) and board games (Twilight Struggle and Pandemic Legacy). Most of the games being played by my local crew just don't really interest me, and the games that do interest me aren't being played locally!

Things on my painting table right now include some Gates of Anteres Concord (speaking of games that will never be played....) and the 15mm Game of Thrones project. I also recently did some bases that allow me to use my BFAS Turks in Blucher.

Gaming events on the horizon:

  • Running a DZC tournament this weekend
  • Hosting a gaming party at my house later in the month
  • Historicon in July - running the Game of Thrones KoW game and possibly Dropfleet demos
  • GenCon - DZC and DFC goodness
  • NOVA Open - ^^ Ditto

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