Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kings of War: Green Lady's Wild Guard

Painting has been kind of slow as I've been working on some house projects while waiting for bases to come in for my wood elves. But, I finished up a unit of elves for my "Green Lady's Wild Guard". It's an elite upgraded unit that can only be taken if you take the Green Lady, which I plan to. (She's on the painting table now!)

In addition, I've been loving Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Ordered a pretty sweet Broken Token case for it. Love Broken Token stuff.

On the gaming front, I've played quite a bit of KoW and FoW WW1 recently. Up first is a deployment picture from a game against Jonas. It ended up as a slaughter on both sides, but I think the edge went to Jonas's dwarves.

Chris and I did some testing of a new scenario he wrote - here we have British defending against the Germans. The British held on and broke the German company.

Thursday, Jack and I played some more KoW. He brought his "Ice Elves", which are mostly mantic's with some scratch built golems and elementals. I killed off about 2/3 of his army, but he tabled the Skaven!

And Chris and I finished the night with another FoW WW1 game - this time the French attacking the Germans.  The French dominated in board control, but we had to call it due to store closing time.

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