Monday, October 19, 2015

BFAS: Registered Cossacks

Painted up some more Registered Cossacks for my BFAS Cossack skirmish list. Just need to work on some dismounts for the "Mounted Cossacks" and some Wagons and I'll have the list maxed out with all the options.

I don't know why I've been getting the whitening on the bases recently when I dullcote....and it's only on the bases. So I guess that's a good thing. I'll paint over them after I magnetize the bases, but since I ordered my magnet from Litko, I assume it'll be like 2178947289 years before it arrives. Why is Litko so slow :(

You'll also notice I only have 10 stands here when the box set comes with 12. Well, two stands worth of figures arrived broken or so miscast that I just threw them out. Some replacements are supposedly on the way....I'm not too worried about it since I won't need any more than this until going to division level games.

Up next is Kings of War stuff...mostly wood elves, but a few more 28mm Winged Hussars for it as well. Then I'll probably do some more board game projects - Mice and Mystics Downwood Tales, and eventually Tail Feathers when it arrives in November, and then I'll finish off the BFAS Cossacks and tie up some loose ends with my DZC Scourge.

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