Tuesday, May 5, 2015

By Fire and Sword: Ottoman Command Stands

A box of the Ottoman "high command". Gives me a division general (based 40x40), four additional skirmish/regiment commanders, and a foot commander.

Not sure what use the foot commander will have, since the only Ottoman infantry regiment is Janissaries and they have their own command, but maybe in the future he'll have a use. I just didn't think I needed any more skirmish/regimental commanders, as these four now give me six total, plus the division commander.

All that's left is the Guards Spahi box, and then I'm done with Ottomans. Next on my BFAS radar will be Tartars, but I have some secret squirrel DZC stuff to knock out first :)

In addition, tentative closing date for this new house is 18 May, so the Guards Spahi are likely the last thing I'll paint up before packing up my hobby stuff for the move.

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