Monday, April 27, 2015

By Fire and Sword: Besli/Gonullu Light Cav

Finished off twelve stands of Ottoman light cav this weekend. These are the Gonullu models, but I intend to use them as non-javelin armed Besli, since in my opinion, the Besli are just a superior choice to the Gonullu.

I've long said that while the sculpts are nice, the quality of the Wargamer figures is lacking. These figures really took the biscuit for poor quality....several horses snapped at the legs, and several riders had various parts break off, so I have a few random promo figures mixed in to fill the ranks.

Fun fact: I use all the freebie bonus figures from the Kickstarters to fill gaps when models break or are missing!

And here's a zoomed out picture of my photo booth - as you can see theres quite a backup of Turks (and FoW and DZC) that don't quite have a storage home yet and are just residing on the outskirts of the booth.

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