Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rebased Napoleon at War and LVO Musings

I realized this weekend that I had based my NaW cavalry and Artillery facing the wrong way on the bases, so I took care of that rebasing yesterday. It's actually a rough endeavor for me, as I use super glue to attach figures and then bury them in stucco, so it's a pretty "permanent" setup and hard to redo. Still need to come up with a basing flocking scheme for them.

I have also ordered two squads of AB Miniatures French to see how they compare, and I'll paint them up as some Light Infantry, which after my first NaW game and seeing the power of extra skirmishers, I think is a must! 

I think I like the ruleset, although I've only played it once. It uses the basics of FoW infantry combat, but without vehicles obviously. Since both sides have the same "stuff", you don't situations where you're asking yourself "How does my list answer THAT?", but rather "How can my gameplay answer that?"

Tomorrow I leave for Vegas to play in a three day Dropzone Commander tournament - the first three day event in the U.S. that I know of. I'll be taking Resistance as pictured above and listed below. I haven't bothered to check what scenarios will be used for the event, so I went with something that I thought could be well rounded in any matchup, although it is a bit aircraft heavy for focal points. I expect to struggle against PHR and to a lesser extent, Scourge, but should be able to hold my own against the others.

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