Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FoW: Great War British

Painted up a bunch of FoW Great War British. The 1500pt army box plus an additional rifle platoon blister.

Nothing really on my painting table at the moment...been feeling kinda apathetic towards painting and most gaming in general recently. The only game I'm really enjoying and playing at the moment is DZC, and I already have everything (literally) painted. FoW is kinda low locally, and FoW Great War is even rarer...and BFAS is kinda on hold with many locals until the KS arrives.

I did recently pick up the DnD Attack Wing game and am currently enjoying that, but it's all prepainted so no pictures here!

I did recently pick up a pretty large All Quiet on the Martian Front lot cheap on Bartertown, so I'll probably end up painting them when they arrive.

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