Monday, August 18, 2014

Photodump: GenCon 2014

Another GenCon behind us. I have returned with a small collection of loot, a slight cold, and an awesome time. The gaming aspect of it absolutely blows every other gaming convention I go to out of the water.

This year I went on Hawk Wargame's dime, and spent a lot of time promoting Dropzone Commander. It was also the pre-release of the new Resistance faction, so the booth was pretty crazy at all times, and by Sunday, the walls were pretty slim of product, so that has to be a good sign!

I didn't take a TON of pictures this time, but what I have is here. I also played in a DZC tournament on Friday and came in 4th - great times!

I don't even....

View from our room at the Hyatt

Setting up on Wednesday - the emptiest the hall will be all weekend

A pristine MTG hall before the crowds are unleashed

We always get set up across from a women's apparel booth. I could think of worse things.

5 foot tall Rivet Wars thing

$4000 gaming table, and then they put our cardboard buildings ontop....

Bunch of pictures of the new Robotech game people have been waiting for

A giant Ares...even bigger than the 30mm collector's edition model. It's maybe 1.5 feet tall?

Our booth

Played a 2v2 BFAS game on Thursday night with Karl, Joe, and Sean

New Star Wars Armada stuff

Don't even ask...crazy night.

The loot - DZC expansion, two Resistance starters, the con-exclusive escape pod, the 30mm Ares, a Relic Knights freebie, the new Netrunner pack, two board games (A Duel Betwixt Us and Velociraptor Cannibalism), and a Star Realms playmat.

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  1. Thanks or the pics - DZC seems to be doing well. I'm impressed with how much traction they're making in a fairly short time.

    There looked to be some impressive games there.