Sunday, August 10, 2014

Itty Bitty Tanks: 1:285 Microarmor Cold War Polish

A new scale and a new era. Bought a ton of these guys at Historicon - super cheap at this scale. It's my first experience with 6mm/1:285. I didn't really do a lot on the tanks - basecoat green, airbrush highlight lighter green, drybrush even lighter green, and wash brown. Picked out the tracks and weathered (simply a drybrush - wasn't going to burn powders on this stuff at this scale) and done.

What we have are:
  • 10x T72
  • 20x T55 (both A and M)
  • 10x BMP 1

I didn't paint on nationalist or unit markings on the tanks, practically because they're just so damn small and I'm just not that good. But, I rationalized it to myself  as my understanding is that in the event of an actual Cold War ground war, all the Warsaw Pact forces were instructed to paint over all their markings anyway. So hey, I can be historically accurate with my what-if historical game =)

As a side benefit, I can use them for different nationalities interchangeably, more or less.

I don't think I'm going to base these - we'll see how long before the barrells start bending. You can already see it in the picture above, but so far, I can just bend things back and nothing's snapped.

An unfortunate side effect of all this Cold War stuff...I've been playing a lot more Wargame Red Dragon.

And for scale, there's a 15mm FoW Sherman, a 10mm DZC APC, and a 28mm WW2 Polish guy.

And for something completely different in size, I also painted up four Warlord Shermans - two Sherman Vs and 2 Sherman Fireflys. Snagged 'em dirt cheap at Historicon swap meets to paint and resell. But, a local cat is doing a BA Tank event in early September, so figure I'll use 'em for that first. Then I can sell them as "Battle Hardened!" Also gives me more time to wait for some Polish 1st AD decals to arrive, so I can apply those before weathering these tanks.

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