Sunday, June 8, 2014

Flames of War: More Polish Lancers

Haven't been getting much painting done recently. Been too obsessed with video games (Wildstar, Diablo 3) to get minis work, which I'm OK with cause a week of playing video games and not buying tons of figures saves a ton of cash.

However, did get another blister of Forged in Battles Polish lancers painted up. This has been an ongoing project of slowly replacing my Battlefront Polish with Forged in Battle's Polish, because they're just better, and all one piece and not constantly breaking off.

I now have two minimum sized platoons of mounted cav for EW.  Can't imagine ever taking more than the minimum sized platoon, since even that gets me six Fearless Veteran stands, and they're pretty expensive considering they can't hurt the tanks so prevalent in the period.

Also GM's a By Fire and Sword game with Alex and Gordon. Not really enough pictures for a batrep, but a few below. I'm really starting to like this game - moreso than FoW and it's rivaling DZC at the moment for my favorite game.

Current projects on the table (other than Wildstar)
FoW Vietnam ARVN Infantry
FoW WW1 Dismounted Cossacks
FoW WW1 Russian Armored Cars
FoW WW2 Goums
A VERY large DZC UCM project for a friend
An Infinity Haqqislam project I buy to paint and resell (or maybe keep)

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