Saturday, June 28, 2014

Batrep: FoW WW1 Russians vs Germans

Chris and I played a game of FoW WW1 today, using his FoW1918 rules. He played his 1914 Germans vs my newly (almost complete) 1914 Cossacks.

We played encounter on the following board:

My Russians (Fearless Conscript with Confident Trained support)
  • Three full platoons (9 stands) of mounted cossacks
  • a 2 HMG squad
  • 4 76mm field guns
  • 3 Russo Balt armored cars (3D printed!)

I started two platoons of cossacks and the arty on board.

The Germans (Confident Conscript) consisted of 
  • Two large platoons of boots
  • One small platoon of boots
  • One medium sized platoon of cavalry recon (Confident Trained)
  • a six-gun battery of howtizers with augmented off-board 155 support
  • a two HMG squad

Chris started the two large platoons and the arty on board as well./

Check out that battleline!

Turn one some cossacks move in towards the village

The Germans advance forward

Arty sees a horse....far, far, away and opens fire

Killing one stand

The cossacks dismount and move into the village

On the right flank, some cossacks charge forward, but fail their "At the gallop" roll to initiate an assault

Russian artillery pounds the German platoon

Cossacks move inside the building to plunder what's inside!

The German recon cav arrives on Turn 4

Lookin' stylin

German artillery pounds the village, and is fairly effective with the 2+ firepower from the offboard 155 support

The Cossacks that failed to initiate an assault get pinned down by rifle fire

Russo Balts arrive and chase off the German recon cav, who fled behind the hedges

Cossacks get on the flank for a charge

And move in

They take heavy casualties in defensive fire

But take down a few stands before the Germans break off

On turn 5, the German HMGs arrive in the corner, behind the recon cav

Germans start to pour into the town center

After getting their assault in, the cossacks are trapped in the far woods

German artillery continues to hit the building

While the Russian armored cars continue to push back the German left flank

Germans move at the double down the railroad towards the objective

While some reserves come on to ambush the Cossacks hiding in the woods!

The move in...

But only kill a single stand before the Cossacks flee away

Some rifle fire pings a few stands along the railroad

Russo Balts start to move into German positions

Run for the woods!

Almost home!

On the last turn, Cossacks arrive from reserves and charge the Germans near the objective but are pushed back by defensive fire

At that point, I conceded to the German victory as I had an auto appointment to get to. This was my first outing with my own WW1 figures, even though I had to proxy two dismounted command stands. I really enjoy these figures. What I fielded was the maxed out list for the Russians in the 1914 pdf, clocking in at around 860 pts. Look forward to getting them out again soon!

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