Monday, May 26, 2014

FoW: German Heavy Armor

Painted up some German heavy armor reinforcements. Considering the vast amounts of FoW I have, my Germans are probably my most lacking nationality (even behind Polish, Romanians, Italians, and all other sorts of minor nations). For the WWPD Italy league, I decided I wanted some Tigers and an Elephant.

The Tigers are the pre assembled and painted Point of Contact plastics. Obviously I repainted over it.

Also did up some All Quiet on the Martian Front steamtanks for an Outpost Zero review today.

Putting the finishing touches on a bunch more Martian Front stuff, as well as starting some more WW1 Russians (yay 15mm headswaps!).

Most of today (and possibly longer) was bust though after I took a hit and run on my bicycle from a car. Doesn't seem anything is broken, but twisted up my ankle enough to making walking around difficult.

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