Sunday, May 25, 2014

Batreps: DZC and BFAS

This past Thursday saw a 1500pt DZC game with Joe's freshly painted Scourge, followed by two BFAS scenario games I ran.

The DZC game we played the standard Targets of Opportunity. I played Shaltari consisting of a Caiman, 12 grav tanks, two Firedrakes, and four squads of infantry.

 Joe's Scourge consisted of the new walkers - six of each, with their new Harbinger assault dropships, along with four squads of infantry.

We had the monorail out, using it as a LOS blocker for flyers, but we didn't use any of the monorail scenarios.

Caiman taking some super long range shots on Scourge walkers

Which all emerge unscathed

Harbingers carry their deadly loads forward

The Coyote advances under AA cover

Some Scourge Warriors find an objective on turn two and high-tail it out of there

Scourge move into the intersection

The firedrakes nuke some walkers over the treeline

Two squads of Braves move in to take out some Destroyers.

Some warriors about to get pummeled by some more Braves

Kurkis movin up

Prowler climbing over the wall

Both Firedrakes move into the lane for some close range blast templates, killing off all of the Scourge walkers

Harbinger taking some shots on some Shaltari Gates

A third CQB commences, looking grim for the Braves

The Braves fail to kill warriors, losing a stand in the process

The big cluster CQB sees some dead Scourge Warriors, a few wounds on some Braves, and some wounds on the Dessies

Some Scourge walkers hunting grav tanks

Desolator moving in for the AOE

Dessies make the remaining Braves flee and take the objective

The other dessies find the objective, but are still locked down by two squads of Braves

After failing to kill the Warriors last turn, the Braves continue to do nothing productive and lose to basic infantry.
 At that paint, I quit taking pictures. The Shaltari literally killed every ground unit the Scourge had, but the Scourge infantry made off with 2 objectives and held a third, giving the Scourge a 5-2 win.

Afterwards I ran two games of BFAS using the Ambush scenario (although I only took pictures of the first - and only a few turns as my phone died). One of the greatest things about BFAS is that you can play with armies of different point levels and it all balances out in the end. In this case, the Polish were down by three points, so they were able to select the "Ambush" mission.

The outnumbered Polish set up a trap to Ambush the numerically superior and elite Swedish.
The Polish decoy trap

Swedish legions move in with overwhelming force

And are then surrounded by Poles!

Turn one sees charges flying left and right from the Poles

Poleish Wallachians charging into the rear of weaked Swedish Reiters

Swedish dragoons shoot into the flank of some Polish Cossacks, annihilating them

Polish Pancerni charging the flank of Swedish Reiters

And then, my battery died. The Polish ended up claiming a Tactical Victori - not a landslide, but a solid win. They hit hard and fast, fighting close combats from turn one, but as time went on, the Swedish started to grind into the Poles with their superior stats.

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