Monday, March 3, 2014


(I'm amused that the title of this post contains only 3-letter words, and 75% acronyms)

I've gotten quite a bit painted over the past couple days, although nothings technically "done", as I'm waiting on static grass, decals, and dullcote to arrive. In fact, the decals, from Fighting Piranha, will probably take several months - as awesome as they are, they are slow.

Fleshed out my UCM with some newer releases. The Katanas will be a replacement for Sabres. I'm pretty sure they're just strictly better than Sabres in their current "playtest" rules, which is ashame, because there's not many situations in DZC where one option is just strictly better than others. But I have a feeling they'll get balanced out before the rules go to print. Regardless, I plan on using them over Sabres for building demolition.

Also painted up two Longbow Howitzers, along with some transports for them. And four more Wolverine Rocket Buggies. Anyone noticing an anti-building trend here?

 When it comes to decalling the Katanas, I'm not sure what I'll do. The spots I put decals on my UCM battle tanks is now filled with smoke launchers on the Katana. Maybe I'll move the decals back a bit, or jut forgo them all together.

Also painted up my first 8 stands of Peter Pig's Russian Cossacks. They are the WW1 version of the model, and were purchased for FoW WW1, but I'll probably use them in WW2 as well and offload by current Battlefront Cossacks. These sculpts are so nice, and my paint job just will not do them justice. My poor highlighing on their black uniforms is apparent. After dullcoteing them, I might go back and repaint the coats to a very dark grey and highlight it. We'll see.

And on my table about to be played with is one of the DZC multi-part resin buildings. After failing attempting to assemble them over a year ago, I'm not going to try just glueing the titles onto a Cityscape cardboard shell.I have a feeling this might not work after mathing out the dimensions, but I'm going to give it a shot. If it fails, I'll have to find a professional to assemble these buildings - they are gorgeous and worth every penny of their exorbitant price tag, but I think also way above my modelling skill level...

Anyhoo, more shots of (hopefully) finished models to come once dullcote, grass, and decals arrive!

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