Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photodump: Huzzah DZC Tournament

Well, my pictures are so scattered I don't really have any battle reports to write. I was constantly jumping between tables to take pictures of the games going on, so I'm just going to leave them all here.
We had five brave souls who came out. We were originally planning on eight, but two dropped at the last minute and one no-showed. We elected to play a three round "causal semi-tournament", with matchmaking more focused on playing against new people than standings.
Armies were:
  • Q - Scourge (Dessies in lights, lots of prowlers, double tank, double AA)
  • Joe - Scourge (Random hodgepodge of whatever he could find in my Scourge case+lots of basic boots in light dropships)
  • Kyle - UCM (Lots of boots in light dropships, Drone base, full nine-tank spearhead)
  • Steve - Shaltari (Eight walkers!)
  • Myself - My standard UCM
The only board I took a picture of. Sadly it's the one you've seen on this blog many a times - no board shots of my new boards made with Hawk tiles =(
Q's Scourge

Wolverines on the prowl

A mass Steve's Shaltari emerges!

UCM blobbing

Praetorians vs Braves, Round One, FIGHT!

Rapiers bringing their mobile cover

More Wolverines on the prowl. Complete with HumVee sound effects, I promise.

Steve's walkers getting in the thick of it

The Raven didn't crash in to the building, I swear!

Q dropping off some basic boots

Praetorian snipers taking the field

More mobile cover from my own transport. 40k, you have taught me well.

This is looking....grim...for the Legionairres

Prowlers on the...prowl?

Starsprite drones doing what they do best

Gotta cull those drone hordes!

Scourge armor facing off against Kyles UCM phalanx

Munch munch...


Dirty, dirty tormentors. Oh how Simon taught me

Chompin' on some more metal

They just keep coming!

Scourge proving overwhelming for Kyle's armor

Better watch out little grav tanks...we all know what pops out of that Gaia...

Some of Joe's own dropships that he didn't have to borrow

I'm so glad the Hawk tiles have parking spots for all those cars I bought...

Time to deploy!

Poor Raven never stoof a chance

Interceptors comin' in for the Ferrum

As does the bomber, which takes some fire from the Rapiers behind. Thank goodness for armor 7!

Rather than fight a CQB, we just ended up shooting machine guns across the building for a few turns.

At first, you'd think this was a good position for the Desolator....


  1. Looks great. No one took PHR then? any reason and how did the factions match up?

    1. We did not have anyone playing PHR - two of our three dropped players were planning on it though!

      There was a lot of Scourge victories all around. I don't think people have learned how scary Scrouge destroyers in the Intruders are yet.