Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DZC: 1500pts of UCM

This is a 1500pt list I'll probably take out to a local tournament this weekend. It's pretty infantry heavy - moreso than any other list I've played before. We'll see how it goes.

Army Shot
Field Command Battlegroup
This battlegroup is centered around my the command Kodiak, which is upgraded to level 3. This gives me +3 on my initiative rolls and three command cards a turn to play with. Pretty average. The scout buggies, armed with a light AA cannon, will spot for the Kodiak's orbital bombardments while the Kodiak itself stays out of LoS. The scout buggies also provide some light AA cover to my backfield. There's also a pair of air-rope-dropping commandos that will zip up and try to ninja objectives in the opponents backfield.

Armored Formation Battlegroup
This battlegroup is pretty bog-standard and small. It's actually an exact copy of one of the two battlegroups you get in the starter-box. A minimum sized platoon of ATVs and a minimum sized platoon of standard AA vehicles, each with a medium dropship. Their plan is to go up to about midway up the board and drop there, using their dropships as mobile cover once landed.

Legionnairre Corps Battlegroup

Another battlegroup that's ALMOST a copy of the 2nd starter box battlegroup, except with a gunship added. Two full platoons of basic infantry to collect objectives. These infantry also come with a rocket launcher on each stand. The gunship provides some mobile airborne fire support - actually the strongest direct-fire anti-tank weapon in the army.

Expeditionary Battlegroup
 I've yet to play with this battlegroup before. Everything in it is a "scout" unit, which provides further command range from the Kodiak and also is able to spot for it without penalty. A platoon of the new Praetorian Snipers in a fast light dropship. The snipers can claim an objective like normal, but are also pretty profit at AA, so they'll provide a nice scout/AA bubble somewhere, hopefully from a building in the middle that's tall enough for a good vantage point. Also in this battlegroup are four scout buggies with missile launchers to hunt down enemy armored targets.

Air Wing Battlegroup
 No UCM army would be complete without some air support. I have one heavy bomber, capable of demolishing a building a turn or putting a hurt on enemy heavy army. I also have two interceptors, which provide great anti-air, both actively (by activating them to attack) and re-actively (reacting to the enemies flyer activation and making an "intercept run")

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