Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall-In Doubles Photo Dump

A quick photodump of some pics I took at Fall-In doubles on Friday. I went up with a former co-worker, Joe, who hasn't really played much Flames of War since V3 hit. We took Volksgrenadiers and Jagdtigers. Our lists were roughly:

HQ boots
Sturm platoon full boots
Schutzen platoon short boots
Full recce boots
3x trained PZ4s
Sporadic jet

Jagdtiger Company:
HQ track
Two platoons of one track each

Our plan was to bubble wrap the tank destroyers with infantry, lift gone to ground, and blast stuff with AT 17 breakthrough guns. The list sounded much better when we came up with it at 3am at Buffalo Wild Wings than it played out in person. We played US lists all day, as to be expected, and came out with one win and two losses.

Round one (Everson and someone I didn't know) we lost 2-5 to 2ID/Cav Recon. They had double wood elves, double TDs, double chaffes, double cav recon, and a rat patrol. We played fighting withdrawal, which while it is my favorite mission by far, probably not the best for our list. The mass rubble boards didn't help either. But regardless, our opponents played their lists like a champ and earned their victory.

Round two (two people I didn't know) playing 2ID/Cav Recon. Double wood elves, double chaffees, some stuarts, some medium ATG, and a sherman platoon. We played breakthrough. Here our list worked as planned - sitting from range and killing infantry without saves. It was a little one sided, as I realized at the bottom of turn four that they wouldn't be able to get on their objective by the time our reserves hit on turn 6, unless they double timed a short wood elves platoon over and survived 100ish defensive fire shots. 6-1 victory for us.

Round three (Leland and Wilcox) vs TFA and I think TDC? This was a comical loss on turn two. I have never been spanked so hard in a FoW game before - four TD platoons popping, wiping the Jagdtigers and blasting the infantry apart. I did end up suicide charging like three platoons with the boots just for comic relief  and to speed the loss up so we could go get food! 1-6 loss. If it was possible to go 0-7, it would have been.

Desch and the I-95 crew for running a great event
The hotel for being cool with our 3am checkin and giving us a killer discount
All three pairs of our opponents

Apple maps for screwing over the directions and sending us the wrong way in Lancaster
Sandy for causing some folks to miss the event

Yay for panorama

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