Monday, June 4, 2012

June 2 Game Vault LW 1750

So this past Saturday I attended a 1750 LW event at Game Vault in Fredericksburg hosted by the I95 folks. It was a good time. Saw some old faces, met some new folks, and as usual, played a lot of Germans. It really dawned on me this weekend that when you are an Allied player in a Red vs Blue event, you don’t get a lot of variety in who you play against – just Germans, Germans, and more Germans. At least in EW/MW you get the occasional Italian opponent. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I think I’d rather see less Red vs Blue events. Adds more variety to the games you play, and requires you to be a little more flexible. Everyone’s all up in arms about the new TD stuff, but if I’m playing Allies in Red vs Blue, I know I don’t even have to think about it.

Quick recap of the event. I played a somewhat subpar Tankovy list – kinda decided on it last minute. 21x 85s, 3x ISU-122s, and the AA trucks. Overall I went 2-1 win/loss for a total of 13 VP. I didn't take good enough notes for a detailed bat rep, so have some summaries followed by random and terrible pictures.

Round one I played Eric Turner. He played a PZ4 company. This was actually the one round I lost, yet was probably my most favorable matchup. Shows how well he played his list (and/or how terribly I played mine!). Mission was Encounter. I front loaded with the 85s on the board. One platoon was deployed pretty poorly- they wiped out a PZ4 platoon, but then did nothing for the rest of the game. One flank collapsed, and his Pumas came in to take the objective before my reserves could get there. Well played by Eric. Lost 2-5.

Round two I played against Kurt Reese. Kurt played a boots list with Tigers and Otto Carius. Mission was Fighting Withdraw (my favorite by far). I pushed objectives on one side and got stuck in against some boots, while 10x 85s on the opposite flank snuck in and stole the objective from Carius and his merry men. More German players should take this Otto Carius guy – free VPs for me! Won 5-2 turned into a 6-1 from Otto.

Round three I played against Ted (don’t know the last name). Ted played that nasty boots list where everybody has a Panzerfaust. Yeah, my Tankovy wasn’t going to get stuck in against that. One thing I’ve discovered playing Tankovy is that 10x 85s should be able to win a shootout against Pak40s, but never do. ISUs one-shot Tigers…that was amusing. Yet I continue to try nonetheless. After about two hours of ducking around and avoiding the Faust-wielding boots and picking off all the support, I pulled through on company morale. 5-2 win.

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