Sunday, May 6, 2012

Huzzah May 5th Wrapup

Had the 1625 MW tournament at Huzzah yesterday, put on by the I-95 boys. Three rounds of wholesome goodness.

As usual, I started with the intention of taking lots of pictures. Round was one fine, round two I took pictures and notes of deployment and then forgot the rest of the game. And round three I didn't even take a single picture or note. So only one battle report for you today!

I won't go too much into round one, as you can read about it below. Round two was against a newer fellow playing Panzergrenadiers. Mission was No Retreat. My paras did pretty much what they were expected to do - sat dug-in until the Germans got close, and brutally slaughtered them in close combat. They even charged a 4-panzer squad and ravaged them. Go go gammon bombs I suppose. Ended up a 4-3 win for me, as I lost the Shermans and ATG.

Round three was a nailbiter to the end against Hungarian infantry. Mission was Breakthrough. I ended up attacking (using British Night Attack, of course). I keep shermans and one platoon of boots in reserve.  Two squads of boots attacked in the beginning - one got slaughtered and accomplished nothing, the other munched on some arty and kept some infantry occupied all game, but ultimately died. The reserves came on, and over a series of 3-4 swinging turns, managed to eek out holding the objective with one single pair of boots and one single tank alive. Great game. Another 4-3.

All in all, I was happy with my performance. My 6 pdrs did nothing the entire day, reinforcing my belief that gun teams are bad. They become worse and worse the more terrain on the board, and there was ample terrain yesterday (which is a good thing!). But I feel like I needed to take them to have a second ranged AT option. While the paras a close combat monsters, even against tanks, I do feel they need to soften the attacking waves a bit.

The event was great. Big thanks to Bill Dorais and the other I-95s that put the event on. And huge shoutout to Chris and Huzzah Hobbies for providing a great place to play. Props all around!

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