Friday, March 11, 2016

Games and Gears DZC Battleboards

So the DZC "Battleboards" I ordered from Games and Gears finally arrived today. Only two years after I ordered them! There's plenty to read about them online so I won't go into the details of possible the worst, most frustrating company I've ever dealt with, and just share some pictures of the final product:

I ordered a full 6x4 table, so basically five tiles and one duplicate. The quality of the plastic actually seems pretty good - the sculpts and sculpt detail is great. The prepainted aspect is where I have my issues.

I actually like the style of the green they painted...a green/yellow airbrush blend. It looks nice...where it works. Here you can see some bleeding on the edges.

The roads...well...the mask they used wasn't very good. Not only is there a lot of bleeding in the white, but you can see spots that it just didn't work and it appears they went back in by hand and tried to fix it...resulting in some not-even handpainted spots of much denser white paint.

Those lines...ugh.

It does seem a bit out of place with the 4Ground buildings, but hopefully after some work is done, it'll look better.

All in all, I don't regret the purchase. It will require a good deal of touching up. I'm not sure I have the skill/patience to redo the roads...I'll probably leave them as is. Hey, in Northern VA, our road lines are pretty crappy in spots too. Mainly I look to hit some different shades of grey over the majority of the board. I'll start with just spraying a bunch if black/grey/brown washes over it and see what happens.

Then I'll flock over the grass areas to cover up the green/yellow bleeding, and see what it looks like.

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