Friday, December 18, 2015

4Ground DZC Terrain - District 22

So I haven't painted much at all recently...because I've been buried under new DZC terrain! Finally finished up 28 of the 4ground 10mm sci-fi buildings - 14 of the District I and 14 of the District XXII.

Much like the first batch, these are mostly very small and make it difficult to get good board coverage, and unlike the District 1 series, they don't really work well side by side to make larger buildings either.

But, the district 22 series has this brilliant kit, with a much larger footprint. It's supposed to be one pyramid style building, but comes with the pieces to make it into two smaller ones, which I did.

Another one or two of this kit, plus some add-on parts to make them a bit taller, will flush out the District 22 table just fine.

Also the monorail kit almost works as two separate buildings, but this one I kept as one large monorail station. It includes a sidewalk base for the top levels, but you'd still have the monorail platform on the roof of the main level, so not sure that would really work...

Here's the District 22 stuff laid out. It "works" actually provides a decent amount of coverage, although the entire table just looks smaller than the Blotz/Hawk setups. But, for actual play, it actually still works fine - there's a decent amount of 6"+ stuff to block flight paths, and still plenty of stuff to hide behind. Another one or two of the Municipal building kits and it'll be great.

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  1. awesome ! That's something to cover the whole table with 4grounds (lot of work needed to build all that...). I may get the monorail station myself at some point as it looks really neat