Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flames of War: Brown Water Navy Boats

Finally starting to get some painting done in the new house. Still don't have my painting room set up yet (waiting on some furniture) but I've managed to set up a small booth and lightbox in the dining room. Painted up some FoW Vietnam Brown Water Navy boats.

I opted not to use the decals that were included, as I haven't had good luck with the Battlefront decals of the past year or so - the changed producers/suppliers at some point and went from some of the best decals I've worked with to the absolute worst. I also opted not to paint any kind of helipad on top of the ATC-H because of laziness, and knowing if it didn't come out flawless, it would look TERRIBLE.

Up next will be the infantry from the box set (done - waiting on dullcote), and then a quick mat I'm working on for river games.

Side note: New house has Verizon FIOs over Comcast. While working with Verizon has been a PITA, and makes Comcast customer service look like Mother Teresa, the upload speeds are amazing. On Comcast it took about 5-10 minutes PER PICTURE to upload, and now it's a matter of seconds!

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