Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skaven: Warpseer

Warhammer Fantasy. My first miniatures game. Probably the one I've played the most, as well. Skaven will always have a spot in my heart, and I continue to order the newest Skaven releases, astronomical prices be damned.

Can't argue that GW makes the best plastic gaming model kits on the market, period. This thing was a breeze to put together despite being over a hundred pieces, and not a mold line in sight. Hell, can't even see the connection joints unless you look really close.

It's a beast of a kit, larger than the other "large" Skaven kits currently out there.

And it absolutely dwarves my "old" Verminlord.

I intend on getting all of the upcoming Skaven releases over the next month, and am eager to see the direction they take WFB. It's evident that GW is turning the WFB world upside down with the "End Times" series, which fluff wise I think is actually really neat, that they are advancing the storyline. But a lot of rumors are persisting on the internet that they're going going to turn the game itself upside down, so only time will tell!

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