Saturday, December 27, 2014

DZC: Resistance Reinforcements

Took a break from WoW on Friday and painted up some Resistance stuff that's been sitting on the desk.

Some Storm Wagons. Also used these in a game today and was super underwhelmed.

Flame Wagons. Not had a chance to use them yet.

Battle Busses! Magnetized the howdah on the top.

Occupation Veterans to ride inside the busses. While points effectiveness-wise, probably not worth it, I do love the cinematic of the school bus doing drive-bys.

Barrel Bomber and Hellhog. Used the hellhog was super effective. Probably won't take the bomber out until I get some Berserkers to complete a feral army.

Sadly the Barrel Bomber just looks like a Lifthawk from the don't really get to see the bombs when its on the table. I might try to add some red stripes or something, since it's feral-exclusive.

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