Sunday, October 5, 2014

FoW Army In a Day - 1750 LW Germans

So I have TONS of Flames of War. Just about every minor nationality you can think of, in addition to all the big Allied ones. The one faction I don't really own much for, though? Germans.

Local cat Sean Sarah decided to run a 1750 Late LW campaign event, and I offered to play whichever faction needed. Comes up that I'm going to play Germans. In true Scott Simoneau fashion, I build a brand new army for the tournament. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but....

...I ordered the army the Monday before the tournament (on a Saturday). So they arrived Thursday afternoon (my main game night), which meant I had Friday to assemble and paint up my army! Assembly began around 6-7am (my usual waking time - not going to wake up early for this!), and painting began late morning and finished around 1400. Took a break for some afternoon gaming and ice cream, and finished off decals and weathering in the evening. All in all, a little under nine hours.

The good news is being Late Late War, I decided to cheese out and take SIX Kingtigers, along with small detachments of rockets, AA, and militiamen. So there wasn't a ton of stuff to do.

I "proxied" the militiamen Volkstrum with my Polish AK figures. Didn't really want to paint up another two squads of rifle/panzerfaust troops when I already have an entire army of them.

As for Sean's event, I went 6-1, 5-2, 6-1, tying for first place, and eeking out ahead due to tiebreakers. Just not a lot the allies can do against six Tiger 2s. (I lost two between all three of my games combined, one of which was as intentional "decoy").

Next up in my queue:
  • BFAS Ottoman Deli Cavalry
  • Myth Kickstarter Wave Two Figures
  • Resistance Wave 2 and 3 Figures when they arrive

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  1. Impressive work, both the speed and quality. Great results with the army too. No matter the ratings or loss of special rules, King Tigers are always a major handful!