Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Bolt Action pics

Jay and I got a chance to play some Bolt Action today. It was his first time with the ruleset, and my first time with these figures. They are the Plastic Solider Company [edit: removed link as it appears PSC's website has been hacked by Islamic extremists? wtf lol?) 28mm Soviets. I'm really not thrilled with how they turned out. I kinda rushed through them, and the bases are pretty horrible. But they'll do to learn the game with.

We played the mission Annihilation. I certainly got annihilated...something like 6VP to 2VP. I took a lot of 2 man teams (ATR, 2 diff mortar teams, a HMG, and an ATG). I'm not so sure about them. They seemed inferior to just taking more squads of rifles. The tank also did nothing. Neither of our tanks did anything expect roll around stalking each other. But they certainly looked cool!

Soviet boots with 6 SMG and an LMG
Grenadiers move up with a Stug

Germans advance under cover

Soviet boots move forward
Open fire!
Conscripts FUBAR their test at shoot (and kill) the ATG

A glancing hit doesnt harm the T34, but pins it down for the turn

These flamers hurt. Bad.
Tank explodes to a panzershreck shot and pins down everyone!
This conscripts are not going to do anything..ever...


I'm not so sure about these mortars, but they did plant and one shot the flamer team....
This is about all I had left at the end....

What's next on my table? Some Infinity models next, followed by some more FoW Americans. I've also got some more DZC Terrans, but need to get some good pictures.

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